BBQ myths busted: How herQs is changing the game?

Mar 22, 2024

The barbecue world is shrouded in smoke and mystery, with age-old myths and practices passed down through generations. However, not all BBQ lore stands up to the heat of modern culinary science. In this post, we're debunking some of the most persistent barbecue myths and showing how HerQs thermometers are revolutionizing the way we grill, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and perfection every time.

Myth #1: Searing meat seals in juices
One of the oldest myths in the book claims that searing meat seals in its juices, leading to a moister final product. However, scientific studies and culinary experts debunk this myth, explaining that searing causes meat to lose more juice during cooking. The truth is, searing adds flavor through the Maillard reaction but does nothing to "seal" anything. This is where HerQs comes in. By providing precise temperature readings, HerQs thermometers ensure you cook your meat to the perfect doneness without over-searing or drying it out.

Myth #2: The "Poke Test" can accurately determine doneness
Many grill masters swear by the "poke test," claiming they can determine the doneness of meat by its firmness. However, this method is unreliable as it doesn't consider the meat's initial condition, size, or thickness. HerQs thermometers eliminate the guesswork by providing accurate internal temperatures, ensuring your meat is cooked exactly how you like it, every time.

Myth #3: You should only flip your steak once
The belief that flipping a steak more than once will ruin it is widespread but unfounded. In reality, flipping a steak multiple times can lead to more even cooking and a better crust. HerQs thermometers can withstand high heat and are designed to stay in the meat throughout the cooking process, allowing you to flip as often as needed while still monitoring the temperature.

Myth #4: All meats should rest after cooking
While resting meat after cooking allows juices to redistribute, not all meats benefit equally from this practice. For example, thinner cuts can cool down too much during resting, diminishing their appeal. HerQs thermometers help you monitor the temperature during the resting phase, ensuring your meat doesn't over cool and lose that perfect warmth and texture.

Myth #5: Charcoal grilling is superior to gas grilling
Many purists argue that charcoal provides a flavor that gas grills cannot match. While charcoal can impart a smoky flavor, the difference is often subtle and can be compensated for with wood chips or other flavoring methods on a gas grill. HerQs thermometers work seamlessly with charcoal and gas grills, ensuring perfect results regardless of fuel source.

HerQs: The game changer
HerQs thermometers are not just tools; they're your secret weapon in the battle against BBQ myths. With Bluetooth connectivity, multiple probe inputs, and real-time temperature readings, HerQs brings precision and consistency to your grilling, ensuring every meal is a masterpiece. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to perfectly cooked meats every time.

In conclusion, while traditional BBQ myths may hold a certain romantic appeal, the truth is that precision and science lead to better results. HerQs thermometers are at the forefront of this revolution, ensuring your grilling game is stronger, smarter, and more delicious than ever.


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