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herQs® Thermometers: revolutionizing the way you grill

Discover herQs® Thermometers, which are changing the grilling landscape with precision, versatility, and smart connectivity. Whether you're a professional chef or a backyard BBQ enthusiast, herQs® provides the tools for perfectly cooked meals every time.


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Get ready to cook like a pro! herQs® Probes help you make sure your food is just right every single time. Whether you're grilling outside or baking in the kitchen, these probes are your secret to easy, perfect cooking.


herQs® Blog

Dive into the sizzling universe of BBQ and cooking with herQs® Blog – your ultimate destination for everything related to grilling. Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or just starting out, our blog is packed with insights that will ignite your passion for outdoor cooking.

About herQs

Welcome to HerQs, your ultimate partner in culinary precision and innovation. We specialise in creating state-of-the-art wireless meat thermometers designed to elevate your cooking experience. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or embarking on your cooking journey, our products ensure your dishes reach perfection every time. Our range, including the revolutionary HerQs Pin Probe and EasyBBQ Smart Thermometer, is crafted for simplicity and accuracy. Join us in exploring the world of precision cooking and make every meal a masterpiece with HerQs.