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HerQs Professional

Experience the perfect fusion of precision and convenience with the HerQs Professional. Designed for both gastronomes and grill masters, this intelligent cooking thermometer is your partner in ensuring every meal is cooked to perfection. With its advanced capabilities, you can step away from the grill or oven and engage with guests or relax, knowing that your dish is in the best hands.

  • Exceptional Monitoring of up to 6 Probes Simultaneously
  • Precise Cooking Guidance for temperatures up to 300 ℃
  • Wireless Connectivity with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 
  • Rechargeable 2400 mAh for Endless Use
  • Robust Design with IP65, FDA, and LFGB certification

Exceptional Multi-Probe Monitoring
Why settle for guesswork when you can have the confidence that comes with precision? HerQs Professional features 6 probe inputs, allowing you to track the temperature of up to 6 dishes simultaneously. Whether preparing a full-course meal or hosting a barbecue, ensure every item is accurately cooked to its ideal temperature.

Precise Cooking Guidance
Take your culinary skills to new heights with the HerQs Professional's two types of professional-grade stainless steel probes. Capable of withstanding temperatures from 0-300℃ (32-572℉), these probes provide tight precision within ±1% at lower temperatures and ±2% at higher temperatures. Achieve the exact doneness you desire, from a rare steak to a perfectly baked loaf.

Unlimited Wireless Connectivity
Stay connected to your cooking wherever you are with HerQs Professional's seamless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. Monitor your dishes from any distance, whether in a different room or across the park, as the HerQs app keeps you updated in real-time. With support for iOS and Android devices, you're always within reach of the perfect cooking experience.

Rechargeable for Endless Use
Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent battery replacements. With a powerful 2400mAh lithium rechargeable battery, the HerQs Professional offers long-lasting performance. Conveniently recharge with the included USB-C cable, and enjoy the freedom to cook without limits.

Robust and Water-Resistant Design
Engineered to stand up to the rigors of the kitchen, the HerQs Professional boasts a sturdy build with an IP65 waterproof rating. Whether you're facing a splash or a storm, your cooking companion remains unphased, ensuring reliability and durability in all your culinary ventures.

Package includes:

  • 1x HerQs Professional
  • 2x Stainless steel food probes 
  • 1x Ambient Probe for ambient grill temperature
  • 1x Probe Clamp for secure placement
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x USB-C cable

Product specifications:

  • Temperature Measurement Range for Probes: 0-300℃ / 32-572℉
  • Temperature Precision: 0-99 ℃ ±1% / 100-300 ℃ ±2%
  • Battery: 2400mAh Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Digital Display: Backlit LCD screen
  • Waterproof Rating: IP65
  • Wireless Connectivity Range: Unlimited range through WiFi
  • Certifications: FDA, LFGB
  • Mobile App Compatibility: Works with iOS (version 11.0 or later) and Android (version 5.0 or later) devices

About herQs

Welcome to HerQs, your ultimate partner in culinary precision and innovation. We specialise in creating state-of-the-art wireless meat thermometers designed to elevate your cooking experience. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or embarking on your cooking journey, our products ensure your dishes reach perfection every time. Our range, including the revolutionary HerQs Pin Probe and EasyBBQ Smart Thermometer, is crafted for simplicity and accuracy. Join us in exploring the world of precision cooking and make every meal a masterpiece with HerQs.